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Speech-to-Speech is a service for people with speech disabilities.

If you have a speech disability and live in the USA, you can now use a free† telephone relay service, available 24 hours a day. This service is similar to the TTY service available to the hearing disabled except that it does not require typing.

This service, called Speech-to-Speech (STS), provides communication assistants (CA's) for people with difficulty being understood by the public on the telephone. It is available for business, medical, and personal communication.


† (Free with normal long distance charges)

FCC Commissioner talks about STS

Video with sample of a Speech-To-Speech call - part 1
Video with sample of a Speech-To-Speech call - part 2

Do you know someone who has a speech challenge and does not use the telephone because of it?

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Speech-to-Speech for Communication Device Users (ACC)


Users of speech generating devices (Augmentative and Alternative Communication or AAC) find STS makes their telephone calls go smoothly. They put a speaker phone next to their device, call 711 and ask for STS. They reach a communication assistant (CA) trained to work with AAC Users. The CA makes calls for them in a 3 way calling environment. The CA reaches the intended called party and explains STS and that the caller uses an AAC device. From that point on, the AAC User controls the call. The CA's job is to make sure that the called party takes turns appropriately (using the "Go ahead") and does not interrupt the AAC User. You can see an example of such a call at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOjDMSBxwG8

SLPs can often be reimbursed by medical insurance for teaching people to use STS. More information is available by emailing Dr. Bob Segalman at drsts@comcast.net.

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